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Tips on Hiring Strippers.  

There are so many agencies offering this service. 
Why should I choose
Because of the way we do business! Our goal is to be up
front and honest with our clients and potential customers and to 
fill you in on all the details on how our business works. Furthermore,
we are a professional agency not just a stripper putting up a web 
site or posting their services so they can get work for themselves. This is mostly what you will encounter surfing the internet searching for bachelor party strippers.
 As an agency our goal is to
make sure you  will receive only
the best entertainers for your
party. We know how to treat our people therefore we attract and maintain a roster of the Best Entertainers in the business. 
We select  only the Elite Party Strippers available for representation. You will not only
get the best entertainers in the business but also the one's 
that you select for your party.

The Dark Side 
"Don't Be Fooled".

We all love the internet, right! 
Well it has a dark side as well.
In the bachelor party business there is a proliferation of 
unprofessional people putting 
up web sites. With it being fairly
easy to put up a web site an abundance of strippers are attempting to represent 
themselves as agencies. 
Case being (mostly unattractive strippers, too old for the business out of work strippers or just overly greedy strippers wanting all the work for themselves.

Why should I be cautious of 
Stripper/Owner operated web sites?
If you do happen to contact 
one of these Stripper/Owner
operated web sites there will usually be a female answering 
the phone and no matter what 
girls photos you select from
their web site for your party the stripper answering the phone 
for the web site will be showing 
up at your party. You can bet 
that 99% of the time the Stripper/Owner will arrive to your party as your Entertainer. Why does this happen? If there is 
money to be made you can bet
the Stripper/Owner will be showing up to your party to try
to make it. After all, they choose who is scheduled for your party.

  How come some companies have much lower prices than you? Here we go again! These companies are usually owned
and operated by Stripper/Owners
or people who are in it for the quick cash, they are not interested in having you as a repeat customer or keeping a roster of Top Entertainers.
Remember: Any professional agency representing the Top Entertainers available has to pay them the industry standard rate
to show up at a party. If you go
to the 99 cent store, expect to 
see cheap merchandise. You
get what you pay for!

  Why do some companies charge much more than you?
 Unless they're offering "Feature Entertainers" or supermodels
and they can guarantee you 
100% that the chosen Feature Entertainer or Cindy Crawford 
will arrive at your party, they are simply overcharging you and putting the cash in their pocket.
 Ounce again, there is an
industry standard for what the
top entertainers make to show
up at your party. So, if most of
the prices you are quoted are about the same but one or two
are much higher, you can bet something is not right.

"Don't Be Fooled" by our competitors who post fake photos (girls looking like their
all bikini or lingerie supermodels) on their web site's. They buy or steal these photos from the internet and falsely represent them as their entertainers.
You've probably already seen these web site's displaying 50
or 60 perfect models as their strippers (Not). If it look's to 
good to be true it probably is.

Are the Dancers in your pictures real Dancers?
Yes! All the pictures you see
have been supplied by the
dancers so we can get them
work. No stock photo's or
picture's cut out of magazines
like the one's you will most likely see on some of our competitors web site's and in their ad's. If it looks to good to be true it most likely is.

When should I book dancers
if I have a party coming up?
We suggest that you schedule
entertainers as soon as you have your party plans in place.

Please Note:
 There are some agencies in the business who resort to dishonest tactics to steal bookings from other agencies.        
 When you are calling around gathering information and prices, Please Do Not give the agencies your party address or phone number unless you have decided to book entertainers with that agency.

Please Remember: 
 Through out all stages of any
bachelor party all strippers offer their party activities on a tipping 

The Dancers work very similar to Dancers in Strip Clubs.
 The difference? The club comes to you! The initial price you pay when they arrive? This covers the cost of bringing the club to you!

Be Informed:  
 With several years of experience in the Exotic Dance business it has clearly came to our attention that this is quite often a confusing issue to any one who is considering to hire or who has hired any Strippers.

The Problem:  
 We think this is in part due to non-professional companies misleading you when attempting 
to obtain your business. In other words, they will tell you anything they think you want to hear,
true or false, to get your money.

 Agencies that will offer "To
Good To Be True Deals" like.
"Our Dancers will stay at your party all night and everything is included in the initial Price."     Believe us, when they arrive at your party you will be surprised and pissed off when they inform you that this isn't the way it 
works and that party routine is
offered on a "Tipping Basis." 
  Please, don't fall for this misleading tactic. Also, entertainers do have schedule's.
They will stay at your party as long as they can, considering
the fact that you and your guests treat them well! You really can't expect the entertainers to stay
at your party all night.

Listen to what they tell you on the phone! 
 When someone say's (Our strippers will stay "UP TO AN HOUR" or "WE WILL TAKE IT FROM THERE" BEWARE! 
What they do is take your money and say, well if you want a show or want me to get naked now, it's an extra five hundred. If you don't pay them right then, they attempt to leave and RIP YOU OFF! 
No kidding!

Intense Competition:  
 As in most industries their is
an intense competition among the various exotic dance agencies to obtain as many customers as possible.
The problem is, some rely on delivering dishonest or misleading sales pitches 
to land you as a customer.

Our Goal:  
 Yes, we would like to have
your business just as much as
our competitors, but we will not purposely mislead you and we will give you the honest professional communication and service you deserve. Thank You.

Quality is # 1!
PartyStrippers.com is most
likely one of the only striptease agencies in the industry which values integrity. In other words,
we believe in conducting our business in a honest and professional manner. Therefore 
we attract and can offer to you nothing but the best entertainers our industry has to offer and this is what we will offer to you

We have our competitors running scared!
This has our competition running scared, prompting many of them to take drastic measures such 
as, posting false representations (photos) of the girls that work for them.

Customer Service!
Obviously you would like to receive the Best Adult Entertainers, Best Customer Service and a Honest, Reliable Agency. PartyStrippers.com is the only agency in the industry that can deliver, every time!
Have A Great Party

5 Step Party Checklist

1. What do I need to make reservations? Here is what 
we need to schedule your party.
Select the Girls 
Choose the girls you would
like to have strip at your party.
Date and Time
When you need the strippers
to arrive at your event.
Name of the Contact 
For the entertainers when 
they arrive at your party.
2 Phone Numbers so we can contact you the day/night of the event.
Address of the Party 
Full street address w/zip code
and unit # if needed. (If Hotel)
Hotel address, phone# and the name on the room reservation.
How many Guests 
will be attending the event (approximately).

2. When do I make payment?
Pay Upon Arrival of the entertainers at your party. 
Please have payment ready
before they get there.
Tipping Etiquette 
The initial payment will only
begin the party with stage 1
of the 4 stage party routine
the entertainers will offer. The remainder of the routine is based on your interest, participation
and generosity. In other words
all strippers work parties on a tipping basis. Please inform all your guests coming to the party
to be prepared to have some fun and tip.

3. How do I Prepare for the Entertainers?
Party Room for the event. 
The girls prefer a private room,
and carpeted floor (Covered  Windows - No Public Access)
Changing/Makeup Room 
for the girls. Preferably a semi-private setting.
Music and Light Show 
The entertainers will bring 
music, lights, party games and 
everything else they will need
for their routine.
Party Guests Please have the guest of honor and all other
guests present when the entertainers are scheduled to arrive. It only takes the girls a 
few minutes to prepare and 
begin their routine. 
Age Limit for Guests 
All guests that will be attending your party must be a Legal Adult. In most areas this would 18
years of age or over.
Will I Need Security? 
Almost all of the girls will bring
a driver/assistant with them to
all parties. The drivers are not there to ruin your party or to
police it. They are present to assist the girls. You the party
host will be responsible for 
your party and your friends and their actions. Be a good host by keeping your party and your friends under control to ensure
a better longer lasting party.
Please respect the entertainers and comply with their requests.

4. Do I Prepare Drinks/Food or whatever for the Entertainers?
It's Your Party Have your party with food, drinks, porno movies, blowup dolls or whatever turns 
you on. The entertainers will appreciate your offerings but
you don't need to make special arrangements for them.

5. What Else Can I do to
ensure a Successful Party?

Be Nice to the Entertainers
Do your best to make the girls feel comfortable and safe when they arrive at your party.
Be Generous Strippers, just like waiters, waitresses, limo drivers, bell boys etc. do make most of their money from tips.
Keep Guests Interested in the entertainers party routine. Some groups will need the party host
to be a "Party Guide"  helping to navigate them through the wild bachelor party adventure.
No Video or Photos Please make sure there are no video or photo camera's present or being used. Unfortunately, because of modern day internet travel, all party entertainers in the business no longer allow any photos or video and they will definitely trip.

Call - 1.800.788.1951

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