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Bachelor Party

Bachelor Party


Bachelor Parties
Four Stage Routine

Trashing The Bachelor
 The Party begins with the 
Stripper Girls performing a very wild and interactive smokin'
dance routine with the Guest of Honor.  The Girls will start with
a Special Surprise we call "Trashing the Guest of Honor".
The girls Get Naked and dance
all over the Guest of Honor.
This will include some embarrassing
fun and surprises
for him and will go in coordination with the crowds approval. Spanking, Carpet Rolls and
Chair Gymnastics are optional.

Lap Dances / Floor Dances
The Girls offer bikini dances, topless dances and nude
dances. Variations include 
Lap Dances, Floor Dances
and Private Dances. Dances
are offered to everyone based
on interest, participation and generosity.

Smokin' Hot Girl-Girl 
Lesbian Love Act Show
 "Please Use Your Imagination" this will help with our description. 
The Girl-Girl Lesbian Love Act Show can be with 2 or more girls.
The show can range from a tame
to a very sizzling interactive
Hot-N-Wild crazy sexy show depending on the crowds interest  and generosity. The girls bring various goodies such as Wickedly Wild Props, Hot Oil, Love Candles and so much more.

Party Games
  The Girls will offer various Interactive Wild Games for the crowd. The games will start
with the Guest of Honor who
will receive a complimentary demonstration of the games 
from the Girls. The games will then be offered to the entire
"Around the World 
with Whip Cream" 
"Body Shots"
"Feed the Kitty"
"Fire-N-Ice Oil Rubs"
"Mudslides" etc. 
 Each Girl will offer their own combination of the games.

The Girls will be NAKED the entire party.

Have a Great Bachelor Party!

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Selecting The Girls 
for Your Party

Bachelor Parties: 
 When selecting girls for your
party we suggest making main
and backup choices. 
 Please book as far in advance
as possible so we can reserve
the girls that you have chosen.     This doesn't mean that if you
book a few days in advance or
at the last minute we can't get
you the girls that you have
chosen, but it does help us
in the booking process.

Party Etiquette

  • Please Remember: 
    All strippers work for tips through-out all stages of 
    the entire party.

  • Our Girls are Striptease Dancers, NOT ESCORTS.

  • Also,  
    Please cooperate with 
    and treat the dancers 
    with kindness and respect participate in their party routine to ensure a fun, longer lasting party for 
    you and your guests.

  • You the party host
    will be responsible for
    your crowds behavior. Please be in charge of keeping your party under control and comply with 
    the dancers requests. 
    Thank You!



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