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  The Bachelor Party
 The Bachelor Party tradition
began with Spartan Soldiers in ancient Greece as a dinner 
attended by the groom and his closest friends on the evening before his wedding.
 The dinner served two purposes: 
It was an occasion to celebrate
and reminisce about the past
and also money was raised
during the dinner so the groom
could continue to drink with his buddies after his wife took
control of the finances.

 However, its main purpose was
for the groom's friends to mourn
the passing of his bachelor
status. He would bid farewell to
his bachelorhood and pledge
his continued allegiance to his comrades.
Bridal Showers
 This event has its roots in Holland. When a bride's father did not approve of the husband-to-be, he would not provide her with the necessary dowry. The brides friends would therefore "shower"
her with gifts so she would have
her dowry and thus marry the
man of her choice. While dowries are long gone today, the practice
of giving gifts to the bride-to-be remains. 
 Bridal showers were also meant to strengthen the friendships between the bride and her friends, give her moral support, and help
her prepare for her marriage.

 Also, many of today's brides celebrate in a similar manner
as the boys with the increasingly popular bachelorette party.

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